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Notice from Hydro-Québec

August 23rd, 2017





Yesterday’s heavy thunderstorms have caused several outages.


The vast majority of our customers should have their power restored today. However, it could take more time in areas where the damages are more important.




More than 250 of our crews are hard at work to restore power as quickly as possible. The damage to the network is important. Poles have to be replaced, sections of the network have to be rebuilt and, in some cases, our clients’ facilities (such as the supply entry point) need to be repaired before we can restore power.

For update on the situation in their areas, customers can visit our web site or download our app:


Important: if the mast of your electrical installation has been damaged by the strong storms, like the one in this photo, you must call an electrician to repair or replace it. In the event that one of your own components, like a service mast or spool rack, is damaged, we will not be able to restore your connection until you have had the necessary repairs done.

More info 👉…/you-avoid-accidents-power-outa…

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